Why Are Gas Prices So High?

Recently, most drivers who commute with internal combustion engines have been feeling the pain at the pump and ask themselves, “why are gas prices so high?” or “What are the best used cars when gas prices are high?” Our research finds a combination of the summer mixture of fuel, increased demand, and the rising cost of crude oil, among other reasons, are driving up fuel prices globally. This causes households to spend more at the pump than they originally anticipated when they purchased their vehicle. Truck drivers, large SUV drivers, and others of vehicles which consume large amounts of fuel are now feeling a sore wallet from spending upwards of five dollars per gallon. So, what are the best used cars when gas prices are high?

Which Cars Are the Most Fuel-Efficient?

There are a few different avenues to explore when gas prices are high. The first being a smaller vehicle that consumes less fuel for your daily commute or other errands:

  1. Toyota Yaris
  2. Toyota Corolla
  3. Mazda2
  4. Mazda3
  5. Honda Civic
  6. Ford Fiesta (Manual Transmission)
  7. Ford Focus (Manual Transmission)
  8. Hyundai Accent
  9. Kia Forte
  10. Kia Rio

This is a great choice in general if you don’t want to drive a hybrid and you don’t have a place to charge an electric car which leads to the next option.

Used hybrid cars are a great way to save fuel around town. There isn’t a significant fuel economy benefit on the highway but driving around town is perfect for owners of hybrid vehicles. The electric motor does most of the work at low speeds to aid the gasoline motor to accelerate the vehicle which is why you see the fuel economy ratings for hybrid cars, trucks, and SUVs to be higher in the city than on the highway.

  1. Any Toyota Prius
  2. Ford C-Max Hybrid
  3. Ford Fusion Hybrid
  4. Lexus CT200H
  5. Toyota Highlander Hybrid
  6. Honda CR-V Hybrid
  7. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
  8. Toyota Venza and other hybrid vehicles

Want to charge at home? Electric cars are a great way to dodge rising fuel prices because they don’t run on gasoline. Used electric cars are the best bang for your buck though you need to be careful you’re not purchasing one with a weak or bad battery.

  1. Nissan Leaf
  2. BMW i3
  3. Ford Focus Electric
  4. Volkswagen e-Golf
  5. Chevrolet Bolt
  6. Kia Soul EV
  7. Fiat 500e

Though, if you’d like a car you can plug-in but also have the great highway cruising range of a hybrid car then choose a plug-in hybrid. Plug-in hybrid cars are great around town because they have just enough battery power to help you commute without activating the gas motor.

  1. Toyota Prius Prime
  2. Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid
  3. Toyota RAV4 Prime
  4. Chevrolet Volt
  5. Honda Clarity
  6. Ford Fusion Energi
  7. Ford C-Max Energi

These are the best used cars to buy when gas prices are high not only for their reliability but also for their fuel economy. Ultimately, used electric cars are your best bet but not everyone can charge at home because they live in an apartment without EV charging or for other reasons. To combine the best of both worlds, plug-in hybrid cars are the way to go for all-around versatility but any of these other options are great ways to save at the pump when gas prices are high.