How to Buy a Used Car

It’s always a headache to buy a used car. What’s going to go wrong with it? Will it leave you stranded? Anxiety always finds a way to creep in when buy a used car but it doesn’t have to be that way. What if a used car can bought without the worry? Here’s how:

Step 1: Figure Out What Used Car You Want

The first part of buying a used car is finding out what you need. Does this new-to-you car need anything specific? Do you have growing children you need to consider something larger for? Do you have to fit anything inside later? Then you can take into account what your like and dislikes are. You don’t want to spend all this money on just anything, but something you’ll actually enjoy and want to own. You want to show the world something you’re proud of, not just a tool to commute with. Research the car you decide on and compare it with competitors to make sure you’re getting the most out of your purchase.

Step 2: Look for a Good Deal, But Don’t Be Fooled

Something that can be incredibly disconcerting is coming across a car you love for a great price, but then you check the CarFax and it has damage, a branded title, or otherwise listed on it. Don’t forget to always check the CarFax! You never want to get overcharged for an unsafe car that will leave you upside down in a loan you can’t get out of.

Step 3: Shop Certified Pre-Owned or Complimentary Warranty

The best, most reliable, and trustworthy way to shop a used car is to find a certified pre-owned car lot at a manufacturer dealership. A certified pre-owned car has gone through a series of inspections by their own factory-trained manufacturer technicians who see these cars every day and know what they’re looking at. Then, once inspections and background checks are passed, an extended manufacturer warranty is slapped on along with roadside assistance, and maybe even free maintenance. Long story short, they may be a little more, but certified pre-owned cars are the best used cars to buy with so many advantages.

Step 4: Test Drive to Make Sure

Always test drive the vehicle. You want to make sure not only are you comfortable in your new car and you like the way it drives, but you also want to check and make sure everything is quiet and rattle-free. It also doesn’t hurt to make sure your new rig can fit in your garage. There’s nothing worse than getting home and finding you can’t close your garage door because your truck or Suburban you just bought is too long. Another tip is to find a used car dealership that has a three-day money-back guarantee in case you change your mind. For example, Kendall Auto Group with Kendall Auto Protection has such a program for exactly that reason.

Step 5: Get an Insurance Quote

Something that gets easily forgotten when purchasing a used car is getting an insurance quote. You never will know how much more per month you’ll be spending on insurance until you ask. Cars like the Subaru WRX will have much higher car insurance premiums than a Ford Focus and it’s definitely something that needs to be known before you sign any papers.

Step 6: Get Appropriate Financing and Check the Purchase Agreement

Don’t worry about financing, usually car dealerships have finance departments to help with that although you do want to cross-shop and find if you can do better on your own. Don’t discount the dealership’s relationship already established with other banks! A lot of the time, they can get you a lower interest rate than you can on your own. Before signing anything, always see what you’re being charged and signing up for to make sure you’re not spending money where you don’t need to.