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If you want images for every vehicle, pricing on every vehicle, and a free History Report on every vehicle, Boise Used Car is the site for you. That's why we think you should use us, besides, we like to think we have the best car pricing available for that exact reason. We only display what's available now!

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We'd like for car enthusiast and collectors to use our site everyday, however, our site has inventory that is updating daily so it is really best for in-market shoppers that are looking for a good deal in the Treasure Valley area or greater Idaho area.
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How much can I afford for a used car loan?

When shopping for a used car, a common question to ask yourself is, “How much can I afford for a used car loan?” It’s easy to let your eyes get big when you see a used car in Boise that you love that’s really nice, but also really expensive. Anytime my wife and I get…

How to: Sell your car to a used car dealership in Boise

Whether you’re shopping for an upgrade, looking to go green with a bike, or need some quick cash, selling your car, truck, or SUV can be a headache. Well, it doesn’t have to be, because you can make it easy on yourself when you sell your car to a car dealership. Of course, it’s still…