Many automotive owners ask when they’re looking to either purchase their first car or purchase a car for their newest driver of the family: What are the best used cars under $10000 in Boise, ID? What are the most reliable used cars to buy? Are they made by a specific country? Are the best cars to buy used made by a specific automaker? The most logical answer is no. Yes, certain automakers are known to have less problems during ownership but these days it’s more like playing battleship based on which model you choose. For example, despite Toyota’s reputation there are still plenty of unreliable choices to stay away from. Here’s the best used cars under $10000 to buy.

The Most Reliable Used Cars Are Well-Maintained

You may think you can just buy a Toyota Camry, a Honda Accord, or even a Ford Crown Victoria, as the best used cars under $10000 and blissfully expect them to not have a single problem, but even if the most reliable used cars by reputation have a poor maintenance history, parts will fail. If you take care of your car, your car will take care of you. When searching for cheap used cars for sale, always ask for the maintenance history and check to see if the coolant, thermostat, transmission fluid, transfer case fluid (if equipped), power steering fluid, brake fluid, drive belts, and oil have been changed regularly. These fluids and other parts run and protect the most expensive parts of the car and keep them from destroying themselves. Close and constant attention is required at the manufacturer’s specified intervals. If they haven’t been addressed, then that will be the first thing to consult your local dealership about any of these best cars to buy used.  Any car will have a long life on the road if it is taken care of and maintained properly. A word of advice is to change turbocharged engines with full-synthetic oil at no later than at 7,500-mile intervals. No matter what you own from the following list of best used cars under $10000, if the most reliable used cars were cared for, they’ll last. If they weren’t, then stay away from them!

Best Cars to Buy Used:

Dodge Charger

Ford Crown Victoria

Honda Accord

Mazda Miata

Toyota Camry

Toyota Corolla

Toyota 4Runner

Toyota Prius

Toyota Tacoma